About the Leading Texas Concrete Contractors

Building Texas one infrastructure at a time.

Abney Concrete Inc. is a Hillsboro, Texas-based owned and operated company founded in 1985. We have been providing concrete construction services for the past 30 years as a leader in Texas concrete contractors. We offer a full range of concrete services in the residential, industrial, and commercial sectors, and we have gained a solid reputation with our clients, employees, and vendors across Texas. Our mission is to improve structural quality and personal property across Texas by providing services at very competitive rates.

Abney Concrete has grown into one of Texas’ robust concrete contractors by focusing on the needs of their clients and by helping their clients solve the problems.

Listening to their customers while working alongside them, we have answered with a service base that meets the level of their needs – whether the project calls for ready-to-use construction, dirt work, pour and finish, pumping or steel rebar placement. 30 years of success doesn’t happen by accident. It takes devotion to being the greatest. Our clients depend on Abney Concrete to provide solutions in tight timeframes, regardless of project size.

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Why Abney Concrete, the leading Texas Concrete Contractors

Economic growth promotes a need for infrastructure and foundations that are energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious, while also keeping cost at a minimum. Concrete is one of the most efficient building materials for the following reasons.

  • Long life cycle, which requires less new building
  • Inherent thermal properties, reducing energy bills by 20-25%
  • Energy-efficient
  • Low long-term emissions
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Reduces the need to consume trees, wood, or other natural resources

Our Strategy

We provide our customers with quality and innovative products at competitive pricing. We also offer safe and desirable jobs to our employees all over Texas. We are mindful of the economic and ecological impacts of our business, and we take measures to protect the climate and our resources.

Abney Concrete’s professional staff is committed to providing the products, services, and solutions you need to complete your project. Our staff is skilled in designing projects and organizing project goals, reducing your overall construction costs. We guarantee exceptional workmanship, combining form and function, for your satisfaction.

We are insured for your protection, but we also respect the environmental impact of our projects and products. We believe that progress moves us all forward with the smallest environmental impact possible. Please help us keep Texas beautiful.

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