Gallery of Projects

Milford ISD

We helped out Milford ISD with improving their campus and added a few slabs

ABC Supply Amarillo TX

Once again we are back with our friends over at ABC Supply. This time we are out in Amarillo TX adding a back section of concrete to extend the storage of their facility. Here’s a look at what we have done.

ABC Supply – Garland, TX

Another project with our friends from ABC Supply. Here we cleaned up the look of their new property by redoing the parking lot as well the sidewalk around the property.

Driveway & Edging

Adding concrete edging around a driveway not only gives it a clean look but also helps keep the driveway from shifting and/or cracking. Here we added the edging and replaced the main drive for a beautiful clean look. This project was completed September 2017.

Drainage Ditch – City of West, TX

This was an interesting little project to bring together multiple culverts into one trough and carry the water away from houses and streets in order to prevent flooding in West, TX